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High School Payment Policy for Year 2010-2011

The tuition for the 2010-2011 school year is $5,250.  A tuition contract must be completed for each student.  The contract details tuition cost per student, the comprehensive fee, applied payments, and financial aid awarded.  Each family selects the payment plan according to their financial situation.  You must select one of four payment options:  pay monthly, pay quarterly, pay semiannually, or pay in full.  You must return your signed contract to the Business Office no later than May 21, 2010.  Families who fail to return the signed contract by May 21 will automatically be placed on a monthly payment plan.

The first installment is due in July, prior to the start of the academic year.  Payment reminders will be sent to each family based upon the selected payment cycle. Seniors must have tuition and fees paid by May 1.  After May 1st, only cash will be accepted to complete senior tuition accounts.

Financial Requirements and Obligations

Tuition payments need to be kept current in order to participate in any extracurricular activity or sports program. A quarterly review of tuition balances will be made at the beginning of each school year and at the end of each subsequent grading period. If extenuating circumstances arise and parents/guardians are unable to keep their account current, they should contact the principal immediately. The school will make every effort to work with families who are experiencing financial difficulty. Written tuition agreements are required when a family is 60 days past due with tuition payments. The tuition agreement will outline the process for returning the account to current status and for the reinstatement of the student as an active participant in extracurricular activities and sports programs.

Students whose accounts are 60 days past due or have not honored a written tuition agreement will be restricted from participation in extracurricular activities and sports programs. Students who have accounts that are past due will have the following restrictions placed upon student participation:

  • Transcript requests will not be processed.
  • Report cards will be withheld.
  • Restrictions from taking final exams
  • Suspension from all extracurricular activities including sports programs, clubs, and music groups
  • Suspension from graduation ceremonies, dances, and school trips

Repeated unsuccessful attempts to contact a family with a delinquent account may result in the dismissal of that student from Bishop McCort High School. Ordinarily, in the case of suspension or dismissal, or in the case of voluntary withdrawal, no part of the payments that have been paid will be refunded.  Timetables, necessary information, and all forms will be provided by the high school.  Please read school publications regarding timelines and registrations.  Financial Aid forms are usually available in January.



Making Payments

Payments should be made by cash, check or money order to the Business Office. Credit cards are also accepted.  A 2.35% transaction fee will be charged on the balance of each transaction.  After May 1, senior accounts must be paid by credit card, cash or money order. No checks will be accepted on accounts with limited payment history.

  • All checks or money orders should be made payable to Bishop McCort High School.
  • Please include your scheduled payment reminder with your payment.
  • Be sure to indicate your account number on your check.
  • For any check returned by the bank, there is a $20.00 processing fee.


Comprehensive  Fee

A new comprehensive fee of $275 is in place for the 2010-2011 school year in order to eliminate as many fundraisers as possible for individual clubs and activities.  This fee is due in July with the first scheduled payment of the new school year.  Parents will have the option of paying the fee in full in July or adding a portion of the payment to their quarterly or monthly payments.  A non-refundable registration deposit of $50 is due for all new students enrolling at Bishop McCort High School.  The $50 deposit will be credited against the July 2010 statement.

Incoming Freshmen and Transfer Students

New students should register for the school year by contacting the Director of Admissions (248-3816) to schedule an appointment.  A $50 non-refundable deposit toward the comprehensive fee is due with the application.  Transfer students must schedule an interview in order to be officially accepted.

Athletic & Activities Required Fundraising/Fee

Bishop McCort families are required to participate in two fundraisers that support the athletic and performing arts activities.  The raffles are scheduled for the fall and spring of each calendar year.  Each family must sell 25 tickets valued at $5.00 each.   Families may opt out of selling the tickets by pre-paying $125.00 to the Business Office.  Families not participating in the raffle will be invoiced the total amount required per event.

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